About Calahoo Meats Ltd.

Calahoo Meats

Calahoo Meats was founded in Calahoo, Alberta on February, 1973. They will be celebrating their 40th year of providing quality foods in 2013!

Calahoo Meats started as a small business, with the five Berube brothers, Moe, Felix, Wilfred, Roger, Emile, along with Pete Turner. They operated in an one room shop to process meats from the local butcher to northern camps.

Today, Calahoo Meats is owned and operated by the Berube family, the original owner Emile Berube, his son Ken and daughters Shelley and Terri.

Still in their original location of Calahoo, Alberta, they have expanded to include a grocery warehouse for dry goods, fresh produce, dairy lines, and frozen goods.

Calahoo Meats continues to process its own line of products including: burgers, salami, pepperoni, garlic & ham sausages, full hams, and cut our own pork and beef products.

Here, at Calahoo Meats, we look forward to continued success in serving our customers with the highest quality goods.